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Our First Step was the Desire to Introduce “Aluminium” to Thai People
Our First Step
Big cities arise with development. Metropolis and High rise buildings grow along with the modernization of the country. During the time that skyscrapers have changed the cityscape of Bangkok; a year after the birth of the Siam Center building; the same year that Kasikorn Bank built the headquarter building at Pahonyothin Road and a few years before the headquarter building of Bangkok Bank loftily situated on Silom road; Muangthong Aluminium is born in the Year 1980.


Khun Liang Kuvinichkul, the Founder, has a vision that Aluminium is the material of the Future. With the resources crisis of petroleum, wood forest, and the tendency of the environmental problem entering the critical situation in the near future; there should be a substituted material that replace wood, steel, plastic and consumable materials. Aluminium is the new alternative for the quality lifestyle and good conscience of consumers.


Muangthong, therefore, has grown continuously from the capital investment of 40 Million Baht with 60 staffs in an area of 15 Rai to 42 Rai, 800 staffs and capital investment of 800 Million Baht with the production capacity of 1,500 Ton per month or 18,000 Ton per year that utilize large presses of 1650, 1750, 1800, 3500 Ton in order to sustain the quantum leap growth of the Thai Industries particularly the construction industry.


Over 30 years that Aluminium has been one of the icons representing the modernity of the city lifestyle and has been an important ingredient to the modern Thai architecture namely housing, Condominium, and Office building, which Muangthong has been a part of the everyday life of Thai People from department stores, skyscrapers, small and large real estate projects, Bus Terminal, Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT), to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.


We believe that “Aluminium” is the material of the Future.

Sustainable Business
One of the important reasons why we have survived the economic crisis and all the fluctuations of the economic conditions throughout the 33 years of business is our confidence in the aluminium material. Aluminium has a light weight characteristic which is 3 times lighter than steel and allows various design and shape possibilities. Aluminium is also weather resistance which makes it a worthwhile material that is suitable for various usages of growing industries such as construction, automotive, engineering, electronics and future technologies. Because aluminium is not perishable, it can be said that aluminium is a 9-life material that can be recycled and casted again and again; changing in shape, function and usage. Aluminium is a limited valuable resource that few other materials are of comparison.